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We represent the interests of fisheries workers in Somalia.

Somali Fisheries Workers represents the interests of fisheries workers in Somalia. Its main objectives would include advocating for fair wages, safe working conditions, protection of labor rights, and overall improvement of the livelihoods of fisheries workers.

During the period of civil war and instability in Somalia, the fishing industry suffered significantly, with illegal fishing and overfishing exacerbating the challenges faced by local fishers. Piracy also emerged as a response to foreign vessels exploiting Somali waters. In recent years, international efforts, in collaboration with Somali authorities, have aimed to combat piracy and illegal fishing, with some success.

As stability gradually returns to Somalia, there is potential for the development of formal fishers’ unions to work towards protecting the rights of fishers, improving working conditions, advocating for sustainable fishing practices, and engaging in dialogue with relevant stakeholders.

Somali Fishers Workers Union is committed towards working with international organizations in order to safe guard the rights of worker in the fishing industry.  


The leading fishing organization that will advocate for improved safety standards of fishers and working conditions on fishing vessels and at fishing sites.


To foster solidarity and unity among fishers, ensuring they have a collective voice in decisions affecting their industry.

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We are always committed to fight for the fishers rights in Somalia